Visit from the Armed Forces War Academies

ASMAR participa en Simposio Internacional
ASMAR participates in International Symposium
Visita de Oficiales de EEUU y Canadá
Visit from Officers from the United States and Canada
Visita Academias de Guerra de las Fuerzas Armadas 2016

Visita Academias de Guerra de las Fuerzas Armadas 2016On October 20, Officers of the Joint Course of the Armed Forces War Academies, accompanied by the Directors of the Army, Navy and Airforce War Academies, visited the ASMAR Talcahuano Industrial Plant, where they were received by its Manager, Ship Captain Harold Kauer Tapia and Shipyard Officials.

After a presentation on ASMAR’s various repair and shipbuilding projects, given by Commander Kauer, the Joint Course composed of 130 student Officers, toured the Shipyard’s main facilities.

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