Marine and Industrial Corrosion and Protection Seminar

August 26, 2015.

The first Marine and Industrial Corrosion and Protection Seminar began at ASMAR Valparaiso, on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, at 09:00 hours.  This was a joint effort of the port Industrial Plant and professionals specializing in corrosion issues, such as NACE (National Association Corrosion Engineers), through its representatives in Chile, and the Chilean Corrosion Association (ACHCORR or Asociación Chilena de Corrosión).

This seminar was initially intended to gather no more than 60 people, including customers, academics and suppliers in the corrosion area, however, due to the interest shown by ASMAR’s customers, more than 130 people participated in this seminar, attending the presentations of academic participants. During the afternoon suppliers specializing in corrosion made their presentations, and the day ended successfully with a round of applause at 18:30 hours.

The seminar began with a welcome greeting by ASMAR Valparaiso’s Industrial Plant Manager, Ship Captain Sidney Chellew Daydí, who emphasized the importance of the corrosion phenomenon in our country, stating the risks that it could imply to the sustainability of the industry, ports and vessels.

Let us not forget that in 2014, at ASMAR Talcahuano, what began as a small meeting, became the first “Marine Corrosion and Protection Seminar” due to the importance of the issue.

ASMAR Valparaiso cannot ignore corrosion problems, the most destructive, silent and costly natural disaster in the world. It is the largest dockyard in the Region and has become a benchmark for its customers, classification societies and collaborators throughout its range of technical competencies and quality work. For that reason it is very important to have knowledge of new techniques, research in corrosion problems and materials protection, and of all the variety of phenomena and products to mitigate them. This seminar strengthens the knowledge necessary to carry out our daily work.

Thus, the objective of the seminar carried out at ASMAR Valparaiso, was to share knowledge related to the corrosion phenomenon and experiences related to the use of protection techniques against it, in addition to establishing a connection among advisory institutions specializing in the issue, the Navy and companies in the naval and industrial sector.

Special guests included the President of the Association of Metallurgic and Metal-mechanical Industries, ASIMET, Mr. Juan Carlos Martínez Zepeda and the General Manager of ASIMET, Mr. Marcelo Fuster Roa, who met with the Dean of the Sciences Faculty of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, M. Sc. Rosa Vera Aravena and the Research Director of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, together with the President of NACE Chile, Mr. Alberto Orortegui, the President of the Chilean Corrosion Association, Mr. Jorge Winkelmann, the Director of the Corrosion Seminar, Chief of the Structures Department at ASMAR Valparaiso, Mr. Lautaro Ramírez, Officers of the Chilean Navy and Managers of ASMAR Valparaiso.

The seminar’s speakers and issues were as follows:

Professor M. Sc. Rosa Vera Aravena, Dean of the Sciences Faculty at  PUCV. “Maps of Chile’s Atmospheric Corrosivity”

Professor M. D.  Gabriela Palma, Assistant Manager LEPUCV “Real Cases of Corrosion and Pathologies in Reinforced Concrete”

Professor Dr. Alberto Monsalve, Academic Department, Metallurgical Engineering USACH “Failures Due to Corrosion”

Professor Dr. Paula Rojas, Research Director at UAI “The Effects of Atmospheric Corrosion on Resistance to Fracture”

Professor M. Sc. Rosa Vera Aravena, Dean of the Sciences Faculty at PUCV. “Innova-CORFO Project” Protocol for Selection of Paint Schemes Used to Protect Against Atmospheric Corrosion of Steel”.

Mr. Gustavo Weber García, Professor at Universidad Tecnológica de Chile. “Present and Past Reality in Relation to Corrosive Processes, Treatments and Aeronautic Paint”

Ms. Clarisa Gómez, Director of Tres del Sur, Manager at Bralsit SA, Uruguay “Corrosion and Passivation of Stainless Steel”

Mr. Leonardo Araya – NACE CP 2, PENSPEN Ingeniería “Corrosion Control Systems”

Mr. Jorge Winkelmann, Director of ACHCORR, Corrotek, Certified in Cathode Protection NACE Cp-4 Specialist “Impressed Current Cathodic Protection”

Mr. Guillermo Manríquez, Marine Coatings Business Manager at Coatings Chile Renner Division “Antifouling Coatings”

Mr. Marcelo Moraga, Director of ACHCORR, Technical Manager at CathPro, Certified in Cathode Protection – NACE CP-4 Specialist “Design and Engineering of Cathodic Protection”

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