Autonomous module Yamana in service

At the end of October, personnel from ASMAR Valparaíso Industrial Plant, with their materials and equipment, were transported from Punta Arenas on board AP “VIEL” and landed with helicopter support from this ship at Punta Yamana, Beagle Channel. They started the works of assembly and installation of the systems of the autonomous module ‘Yamana’ for control of maritime traffic.

Based on the joint work with the technicians of the General Directorate of Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine (DGTM and MM), the installation and commissioning of the module was completed, as scheduled, allowing technicians to install and configure the system to be interconnected to the central system.

The systems involved in electrical generation, fire detection, air conditioning and perimeter surveillance were functioning correctly, while the remote operation of this module is carried out from Puerto Williams, through a computer system developed by ASMAR technicians.

During the next months, correct operation of the system will be monitored to perform, before winter, on-site structural verification and operating parameters, to ensure its continuous operation in the coming years.

Before entering into service, with means of the Commander in Chief of the Third Naval Zone, the remains of materials were removed to leave the area clean and safe. Thus, on December 6, the assembly and commissioning of the prototype of an autonomous module for maritime traffic control at Punta Yamana, Beagle Channel, was completed; An autonomous module designed and manufactured by ASMAR that, operating in this remote southern zone, will fulfill the tasks of support and control to navigation by the DGTM and MM.

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