Successful integration of Defender boat by ASMAR Valparaiso personnel

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Integración de lanchas Defender

A group of ASMAR Valparaiso technicians selected for the RHIN II Project, completed the integration of the first of 15 Defender boats of 25 feet in length, in the Safe Boats International factory in Bremerton, Washington, USA, ending successfully both port and sea trials.

At the end of October, this and the remaining 4 units of the first group will be transported to Valparaiso, Chile, by sea, to complete their integration at ASMAR Valparaiso Industrial Plant and final delivery to the General Directorate of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine.

Among the most important works to be carried out, radars, thermal cameras, communications equipment, security systems, propulsion engines and other auxiliary systems will be installed in the new boat workshop that has been built for this purpose.

Safe Boats International has repeatedly highlighted the professional quality of our workers, which is a source of pride for ASMAR and especially its Valparaiso Industrial Plant.

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