Change of Administration in ASMAR Talcahuano

Cambio de mando ASMAR TalcahuanoTalcahuano. In a ceremony held on December 14 at ASMAR Industrial Plant, Captain Harold Kauer handed over ASMAR Talcahuano Administration to Captain Mauricio Linderman, after 6 years directing the Shipyard.

The ceremony was chaired by ASMAR Managing Director, Rear Admiral Luis Kohler, accompanied by Commanders of Naval Divisions and Units of the Second Naval Zone and personnel of the Industrial Plant.

Cambio de mando ASMAR Talcahuano

In an emotional speech, Commander Kauer toured his 35 years of naval career, highlighting the 10 years he was in ASMAR, during which he worked as Production Manager at ASMAR Valparaiso, Repair Manager of ASMAR Talcahuano and Administrator of this same plant industrial. He highlighted the commitment of the personnel from the different areas of ASMAR Talcahuano, which allowed the success of various ship repair and shipbuilding projects. He also referred to the improvement of the shipbuilding capabilities to face the great challenge of building a polar ship, improving the efficiency of processes and incorporating new technologies in the steel process.

It should be noted that during the administration of Commander Kauer, the reconstruction of the shipyard was completed after the earthquake and tsunami of 2010, and important investments were made in the area of ​​shipbuilding for the materialization of Project Antartica I.

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