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Cabo Sounion

Tanker Cabo Sounion is repaired at ASMAR Talcahuano Shipyard

Talcahuano (Chile). Tanker Sounion arrived at the Shipyard at the beginning of January for normal repairs: shaft line dismounting, hull steel and pipe repairs, maintenance of hull […]
Cambio de mando ASMAR Talcahuano

Change of Administration in ASMAR Talcahuano

Talcahuano. In a ceremony held on December 14 at ASMAR Industrial Plant, Captain Harold Kauer handed over ASMAR Talcahuano Administration to Captain Mauricio Linderman, after 6 […]
Integración de lanchas Defender

Successful integration of Defender boat by ASMAR Valparaiso personnel

A group of ASMAR Valparaiso technicians selected for the RHIN II Project, completed the integration of the first of 15 Defender boats of 25 feet in […]
BT Andes

Merchant ships repair projects

In the area of ​​merchant ships repair, during September, two projects stood out. AHTS “Skandi Patagonia”, belonging to the Norwegian Shipping Company, DOF SUBSEA REDERI AS […]