Steel Workshop

Production equipment

  • 1, 7-tonne  semi gantry crane.
  • 3, 10-tonne overhead travelling cranes.
  • 2, 10-tonne gantry cranes.
  • 1 computerized plasma cutter.
  • 1, 5,000-Kn hydraulic press.
  • 1 profile bender.
  • 1 sheet sandblaster.
  • Automatic and manual welding equipment.

7,140 m² of work areas

Machinery and Equipment

Grúa Semiportal

1, 7-tonne semi gantry crane

Grúas puente

3, 10-tonne overhead travelling cranes

Grúas Pórtico

2, 10-tonne gantry cranes

Cortadora de Plasma

Computerized plasma cutter

Prensa hidráulica

5,000 Kn hydraulic press

Curvadora de perfiles

Profile bender


Sheet sandblaster

Soldadura automática

Automatic and manual welding processes