Cabo Sounion

Tanker Cabo Sounion is repaired at ASMAR Talcahuano Shipyard

Talcahuano (Chile). Tanker Sounion arrived at the Shipyard at the beginning of January for normal repairs: shaft line dismounting, hull steel and pipe repairs, maintenance of hull […]
Cambio de mando ASMAR Talcahuano

Change of Administration in ASMAR Talcahuano

Talcahuano. In a ceremony held on December 14 at ASMAR Industrial Plant, Captain Harold Kauer handed over ASMAR Talcahuano Administration to Captain Mauricio Linderman, after 6 […]
Integración de lanchas Defender

Successful integration of Defender boat by ASMAR Valparaiso personnel

A group of ASMAR Valparaiso technicians selected for the RHIN II Project, completed the integration of the first of 15 Defender boats of 25 feet in […]
BT Andes

Merchant ships repair projects

In the area of ​​merchant ships repair, during September, two projects stood out. AHTS “Skandi Patagonia”, belonging to the Norwegian Shipping Company, DOF SUBSEA REDERI AS […]
MV Sumatra

Bulk carrier “Sumatra” undergoes repairs at ASMAR Shipyards

Talcahuano (Chile). The Portuguese flag vessel M.V. Sumatra, belonging to the German shipping company Green Dolphin Gmbh & Co Kg, arrived at the shipyard on July […]
BT Punta Angamos

Tanker “Punta Angamos” docked for maintenance

Talcahuano (Chile).  Tanker “Punta Angamos” belonging to the Chilean shipping company, Sociedad Nacional Marítima, is under maintenance in ASMAR from August 1, 2018. Service will include: […]